Our First Dip Into Screen Printing

Did you know we now hold screen printing workshops all over South Africa? See more & buy tickets here.

When we first started Zana it was very much a part time / after work creative outlet but over time it has become more of a focus as we have shifted our lives around a bit to make more space. This year we have worked harder & taken what was a small venture & turned it into a bigger project. Since we started setting goals, making plans & dreaming bigger we realized it was the time for us to take our designs from our cushions & into fabrics. We have had so many requests & we know it is the way to go in order to grow.

If you have been following us on facebook you possibly would have seen our updates about the great drama of finding fabric screen printing small run options in Cape Town. After doing a little bit of a run around we decided, in order to avoid huge scary financial risk, to do our own screen printing. Luckily we do have some experience & are not completely out of our comfort zone.

We were planning on setting up our studio & our table to do by the meter fabric prints first but after a HUGE influx of orders for our new ‘his & hers’ design (which you can find here in SA and here for international)  & our printing company being a little backed up with work we had no choice but to pull a midnight screen printing session, and get the ball rolling!

Zana - Screen Printing

Turns out we were both pretty glad we got to know the screens & the inks with these smaller prints before moving onto printing large pieces of fabric. They turned out so well & actually a lot less disastrous than we expected as (semi) newbies. Our garage (soon to be renovated printing studio) had tons of pieces of fabrics hanging up to dry, it was a magical & inspiring site for us. A real moment to remember as a small business.

Zana Products - Screen Printing

Zana Products - Screen Printing

Zana - Screen Printing


January 23, 20145:37 am

Hi, I am very interested to learn screen printing. Do you perhaps offer a workshop or know of a place where I can attend one? Thank you!

February 3, 20143:08 pm

I am also looking to do a screen printing course. If you know of anything or perhaps offer a course, please let me know. I am ultra keen.

Clare Hill
February 8, 201410:01 am

Hi Nicky,

did you manage to find a course? I am also looking for a screenprinting course for beginners. If you found one do you mind passing on the details?


Robyn - Zana
February 10, 20145:55 am

Hey Clare & Nicky,

I don’t know of any screen printing courses! We are possibly planning a workshop at our studio in Woodstock sometime this year. follow us on facebook for more details.

Robyn @ Zana

June 29, 20151:02 pm

I’m interested in screenprinting what must I do.

vivian Mogase
January 27, 20177:45 am

I want to do the silk screen course your products are beautiful