DIY foxy rubber stamp

I recently purchased a block of carving rubber off Etsy. I searched high and low for them in Cape Town but came up with no luck. I have made stamps before using Lino, but im sure any of you who have worked with lino before will agree that it can be particularly hard to carve. The rubber was nice and soft which made it really easy to do. I just drew a little fox on by hand and then carved it out. When carving a stamp its important to think about positive and negative space.

fox rubber stamp

I stamped my fox in an orange craft paint onto some fabric I had lying around. Not all of them came out perfect, but im happy with a natural crafty look!

fox rubber stamp

fox rubber stamp

I then ironed it (on the back side) and ironed ‘up’ the raw ends to flatten them so I could make a spread for my coffee table. Cute for a themed event or girls tea party. I got out this vintage tea & saucer that belonged to my great gran, so pretty!

fox rubber stamp




October 11, 20138:27 am

I love the way your fox look like! It’s so cute! I really have to try out this rubber-trick! Thanks!

October 11, 201312:48 pm

easy and very nice! thanks for sharing!

October 11, 20135:55 pm

Lovely and good idea, I think i’ll try to do it

October 11, 20138:41 pm

Wow, this is so beautiful! You made a really cute fox and the orange on the linen is striking. Love!

October 12, 20131:16 pm

Thnx. This is adorable! I wanted to do this to a cotton skirt i made for my girls…can the craft paint be washed in the washing machine on cold? I don’t plan to pitot in the dryer, but can it be dried just in cad?


October 12, 20132:09 pm

Hey Kim, Im glad you like! Im not sure, try using fabric paint instead of craft paint if you plan on washing it!

Dusty Leslie
October 12, 201310:01 pm

what a creative idea! I am loving the fox, adorable! can you wash it then? or would the colors run?

October 14, 201310:23 am

awww, this is lovely! Great idea and great work! I love it! It makes me wanna try to make one too 🙂

October 14, 20131:15 pm

It would be great if you could do more “woodland” inspired prints like these & sell the material to your clients. I want to do a this as a nursery theme for our little boy arriving in April next year and can’t find any modern “woodland prints/material” anywhere. If you know of a distributor, please let me know?

October 16, 20137:32 am

Do you know about this fabric line?

some cute woodland critters here~

October 19, 20138:48 pm

I’ve made a few of my own stamps using carving wood (little blocks sold in a bag at craft stores) and cutting out foam shapes that I glued to create the stamp. It ends up working well but may not be as durable as your carving rubber.

Your stamp is perfectly adorable!

October 21, 20136:55 pm

Definitely want to try this. So cute!

November 4, 20138:48 am

Hi! What’s the name of the etsy shop that you ordered you carving rubber from? Thanks 🙂

Robyn - Zana
November 4, 20139:24 am
November 27, 201310:12 pm

That’s great! I should be me some rubber and try that technique.

February 6, 20149:39 pm

This is so adorable! I will try it too! Thanks for inspiration 🙂

Robyn - Zana
February 7, 20148:21 am

Thank you very much A!

February 11, 20145:41 pm
Debbie Myers
March 8, 20142:11 am

I just love this particular design & color. I wonder if you could use fabric paint so it can be washed?

Robyn - Zana
March 10, 20147:24 am

Yes, you totally could use fabric paint!

Debbie Myers
March 8, 20142:12 am

Can fabric paint be used?

April 3, 20143:06 pm

Inspirador!!!sobre todo con el tema del zorrito !! 🙂

April 30, 201410:40 pm

It’s really cute, I just searched for such a fox stamp, so I think I will try to make it by my own, too.

lucy lord
November 9, 201412:18 am

hi there! i have stumbled over your fantastic diy fox page!!

me and my family are moving house soon and after 3 children i will finally be able to have a nursery for our 4 month old boy, jax, i absolutely adore your fox print but despite being very crafty i am hopeless at drawing!

i was wondering if you would be so kind as to send me a template for the fox pretty please with cherries on top!!

kind regards from, leeds, england xxx

March 18, 20159:58 pm

Very Nice.Loved the idea.

April 14, 20159:19 pm

This is so lovely! 🙂

Robyn - Zana
April 15, 20159:36 am

Thanks so much! This DIY inspired one of our most popular prints 🙂 glad you like it!

Austen Gordon
March 17, 20171:07 pm

Did you ever land up finding a place to buy the rubber in cpt?

Robyn - Zana
March 30, 20174:03 pm

Unfortunately not, Austen.