Make Your Own Pots January 20, 2014 – Posted in: DIY

Pots can be expensive lets be honest, especially when you are like me and want to turn every space (both indoor & out) into a mini jungle! We now make our own white pots, they are beautiful and it makes it easy for you to decide on colour, size, thickness and tons of other things. It really is a fun project and its all about the prize at the end.

What you will need as seen in below image.

Some tips to consider before:

The amount of mix you need to make is relative to the amount of pots you want to make and the size of them. This recipe gives a rough guide on proportions to use.

We used WHITE cement to achieve a white look but you can use any colour, there are options when it comes to cements.

The ‘pot mould’ will determine the size & shape of your pot so you can use anything as mould depending on what you are wanting to achieve (we used an old margarine tub.)

The “plastic cup filled with sand” is what is going to make the inside gap of your pot (where you put the soil & plant) so the size is relative to your mould. If you were using a bigger bucket as a mould you will need a bigger center piece! This should hopefully make more sense with the rest of the process images, have a look…


Step 1: Add 2 parts pearlite to 1 part cement into a large mixing bucket.

Step 2: Start by adding one part water to the mix

Step 3: Slowly add extra water while mixing with your hand (recommended you wear a rubber gloves) until it makes a fluid mixture, not too runny.

Step 4: Bubbles will start to rise in the fluid mixture, tap the outside of the bucket to bring the bubbles to the surface.

*tip – If you haven’t seen bubbles you haven’t added enough water to the mix

*tip – don’t panic, you cant add too much water, rather more water than less!


Step 5 – Spray the outside of the cup (filled with sand) with spray and cook (the more the better)

Step 6 – Spray the inside of the mould with spray and cook (the more the better)

Step 7 – fill the mould with the mixture

Step 8 – Push the cup filled with sand down in the center of the mould, all the way until you touch the bottom & then pull it up ever so slightly, leaving room for the base of the pot to form under the cup.

* tip – if your cup is falling over/ moving around – add more sand or rocks to make it heavier.

* tip – run your fingers over the top of the cement to smooth it out for a nice finish!



Step 9 – Leave your pot mould in the shade outside for 48 hours.

Step 10 – Use your fingernail to scrape the top of the cement in order to feel if it is hard or not.

Step 11 – Wiggle & pull the centre cup out  and then tip over and lightly tap the outer mould to release the pot.



We used glue and added some gold leaf circle to one of our pots, I love the way it came out. Let us know if you give this a bash.