DIY Plaited Wall Hanging

We have been having so much fun in studio this week, we have lots of creative projects on the go. One of them is this macrame inspired wall-hanging, it is super simple and will take you +- 30 min to complete… Give it a go!

Macrame is back in fashion and is popping up everywhere of late. So we hopped right on it… Don’t know what macrame is? It is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting, it is an ancient art form which is just beautiful.

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What you will need:

1 || Thick string. 2 || 8mm thick dowel. 3 || Dye (colours up to you) . 4 || Glue Gun. 5 || Scissors.  6 || Ruler. 7 || A bucket

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Part 1:

Cut up your string into your desired length, we went for a 500mm length. Once cut, place all the loose pieces along side each-other. This is best done on a flat surface. Place the dowel across the width of string (see above image), when in place apply glue and start to roll.

NOTE: The glue will dry quickly, try to get a friend to help you with this. One apply the glue and another roll.


4 layout 3_resized


Part 2:

Randomly plait or knot your string, the design is up to you. We went for a simple plait. Between plaiting boil some water and dissolve your dye powder into the water by stirring at regular intervals. When all the granules are properly dissolved get ready to dip…

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Part 4:

Before dipping fray the ends of your string, we found this helps helps the dye absorb better and it gives it some texture.


6 layout2_resized


Part 5:

DIP DIP DIP… The longer you leave the ends dipped in the dye the darker the colour will be. Decide if you want to ombre the ends or what finished effect you would prefer.


7 IMG_5457_edited_resized




And you’re done!! What you think? We just love how this turned out…

If you do give this a go at home, tag us #zanaproducts or @zanaproducts on social media, we would love to see how yours came out!


Have a happy Monday!

Melissa. XX


June 7, 20141:39 am

Looks amazing!! We´re thinking about to do something similar in a couple of weeks, hope it looks as nice as yours!! 😉

We have DIY, recipes and more tutorials in our blog too!! Hope you like it 🙂

September 5, 20142:53 pm

Would like to do something similar and I’d like to know which kind/type of colour you used to dye the strings especially if you want to reach the ombre?

June 24, 20159:00 am

this is gorgeous! simple, minimal but still amazing! thank you for sharing!

October 2, 20152:21 am

What kind of string, exactly? And how thick is “thick”?