Cookies & Cocktails Colab – DIY Confetti Push Poppers

While planning our Cookies & Cocktails colab we decided we needed to have confetti cannons. I scouted around at some party stores & just could not find any that I liked. You know when that happens, it’s time to DIY! right? So this is how I made these confetti cannons which are basically a very manual push = explosion of confetti.

This is the type of thing that needs a video demonstration, check out one of them exploding in the first few seconds of our behind the scenes Cookies & Cocktails Colab video here:


Step 1: What you will need:

Toilet Roll
Double Sided Tape
A water bottle lid
Glue Gun
Tissue paper
Thin wooden dowel
Craft Knife
Decoration for the outside (click here to get the printable yippee’s etc!)


Step 2: Use the craft knife to slice open the toilet roll

Step 3: You need to fold the toilet roll over so that the lid can slide through it, not too tight but not too loose either. It takes a bit of practice

Step 4: Once you have found the correct amount of fold, cellotape the roll shut



Step 5: Secure the stick to the inside of the bottle lid. We chose to use a glue gun. We are RELIGIOUS about glue guns around here. They can do ANYTHING. If you are a crafter, invest in one!

Step 6: I then printed, cut and wrapped my outside decoration around the toilet roll. Double sided tape to secure it


Step 7: Put your bottle lid into the bottom of the roll and fill with confetti. ( I cut my own from paper & tissue paper)


Step 8: Trace the rim with some glue (nothing too sticky, regular glue is the best)

Step 9: Cut a round piece of tissue paper (you want something light) and glue it around the rim. This will stop the confetti from falling out!



Step 10: Ta-da! And there you have your very own confetti canon! Simply push the lever (quite forcefully) to pop.




xo Robyn