Make Your Own – Paper Vines


We spotted this DIY on pinterest & had to give it a go. They turned out so beautiful and we shot them in Deer Park, my new favourite place, on a crisp winter morning (hence the jackets and jerseys.) Can’t wait to use these at my birthday tea party I have coming up next weekend. They are so pretty & whimsy and the colour options are endless. Have a look at how we made them below!



What you will need: Wire (florists wire works best), hessian twine, tissue paper, green card & scissors.

Paper Flowers:
1.)Take your tissue paper colour of choice and fold it in half in order to create a double layer. Accordion fold the tissue paper with the folds being approx 3cms (you dont have to be too perfectionistic about this!). 2.)Wrap your wire around the center of the tissue paper which has been folded into a compressed accordion.



3.) Fold the tissue paper in half at the point of the wire and cut the top into a curve. 4.) Start to pull apart the petals and create volume.


Create the leaves:
5.) Draw a figure 8 shape onto your paper. 6.) Cut it out.


7.) You want to cut an ‘x’ shape into the center of the leaf to be able to pull your string through. Attach your flowers to the string using wire and secure the leaves with double knots underneath.



The perfect string of pretty!

Robyn xx

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