Baloon pom pom DIY

Pom Pom Balloon DIY

My two fave things combined, pom poms and balloons, now that’s a party!

Ever since I saw a similar DIY over on pinterest I have been dying to give this one ago. It appears to be simple, but let me tell you this DIY was quite a complex one to pull off alone. Apart from my kitty, @adventuresofsullivanthecat , attacking/playing with the balloon strings at every chance he got. The day I did this DIY it was scorching hot and my balloons popped in the car twice on route home…

With all that said I just love how it turned out! Such a fun idea and those little touches could add that little bit of sparkle to your party.


Baloon pom pom DIY

















What you will need:

1 || Pom Poms

2 || Balloons filled with helium

3 || Glue

4 || A friend


Baloon pom pom DIY
















Have your balloons filled with helium, make sure you secure them to a weight so they do not fly away…

Add a small dot of glue to each pom pom and apply them to each balloon. I found that gel adhesive glue worked best, with less mess.


Baloon pom pom DIY
















Add the pom poms at random, placing as much or as little as you like.

Baloon pom pom DIY
































What you think? Cute right?


Melissa. xx