Christmas Party Bubbly with Festive Blueberry Stirrers

Hoping that our ‘Christmas Dinner for Two‘ post earlier this week has you all excited to plan your own feast, we thought we’d show you the secret behind our super cute and festive champagne stirrers!

Bubbly with Festive Blueberry Stirrers

Prep time: at least 2 hours, including freezing time
Serves 2

2 skewers

4 stars cut out of your choice of colour card
glue gun
handful of blueberries (buy a 200g pack so you have enough for dessert too!)
2 Champagne flutes
1 bottle of your favourite MCC or sparkling wine




Using the glue, sandwhich two stars to one end of each skewer and allow the glue to dry. One by one, secure a couple of blueberries (about 10) onto each skewer and place in a tall glass in the freezer for a couple of hours until frozen.

Place a skewer in each champagne flute, top up the glasses with bubbly and serve!


xx The Zana Girls