DIY Hat Stand

We love hats. A lot. The problem is that they take up WAY too much cupboard space and just get squished anyway. So after seeing this beautiful DIY hat stand we decided to make our very own one – with wooden beads and all.


You will need:

  • 3 Wooden dowels (we used 32mm pine)
  • White leather string (or any strong, heavy-duty string of your choice)
  • 7 Wooden beads


1. With some extra hands, position the 3 wooden dowels in a triangular formation – almost like you’re building a teepee structure. Make sure that the dowels don’t splay out too much as the surface are that the hat stand take’s up will be too big.


2. Weave your wooden beads onto another piece of your string. BTW – you can totally paint the beads to add some personal flair, we just loved the simplicity of the plain wood.


3. While your helping hand holds the dowels in place, start wrapping the string around to keep them in place, occasionally weaving in between the dowels to make the whole structure more stable. Tie your string, snip off the ends and space out the beads evenly if needed.


Aaaand there you have it – a super quick and easy hat stand for your huge hat collection 😉


The Zana Girls xx

DIY Hat stand


Nicole Henriques
February 18, 20159:45 am

Hey ladies, love this. I was looking at that tutorial too. Please can you share where you bought your material from? Dowels, beads and leather string.

Thank you,

Robyn - Zana
February 18, 201510:20 am

Hi Nicole!

I’m assuming you are in Cape Town, but we sourced the dowels from Timber City in Woodstock and the leather string + beads from the bead shop in the Old Biscuit Mill. If you aren’t, your local hardware store should have the dowels and the rest you will most likely find at a craft shop. Hope this helps 🙂

Nikki & the Zana Girls xx

February 22, 20159:34 pm

Thank you. Yes, I’m in Cape Town