DIY Wooden Bead Keyring

Honest moment, I am that girl that has to stand by her car door (while everyone waits) to scratch in my bag for at least 5 minutes until I can find my car keys. Step and repeat same happens at my front door. So if you are a bag-full-o-junk girl like me, this tip could help you out. BIG keyrings. yup, thats it ladies. (Why did no one tell me this before??) Nothing makes finding your keys easier than having a chunky (bigger the better) key chain that’s impossible not to stand out while you blindly clutch around in your bag.

I saw some inspiration on Pinterest for this DIY. These wooden beads are easier to find in the shops than you think, I got these at the bead store at the Biscuit Mill (for you Capetonians) but most bead shops should have them. I used basic felt string and a black marker to make dots. The bead shop I went to even had these pre-painted ones (white and gold) which saved me some effort.


Pretty cool huh?


xx (girl with the key finding issue) Robyn