Thank you to everyone for entering our giveaway, this is our biggest one yet and with just shy of 6000 entries we are blown away by everyone’s eagerness and love for our products.

We wish you could all be winners!

Just so that we don’t ruin your Monday, everyone who hasn’t won has the opportunity to get 15% off our linen for this week ONLY (24-28 October). YAY!

Use this code upon check out: DREAMYDISCOUNT

So without making you have to wait one second longer…. THE WINNERS ARE:



We are excited to be running our biggest giveaway of the year! 5 lucky people will win a Zana linen set (duvet and a set of pillowcase covers) of their choice.

To enter follow the simple Rafflecopter promts below. Each step you complete gives you 1 entry, so if you complete all 6 steps you will get 6 entries.

Browse all of our bed linen here.

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Competition is open internationally.
Winner will be chosen on 24 October 2016 by random number generating.
Prize is non refundable or exchangeable.
Winner will be contacted via email.
Each of the 5 winners will be able to select which linen design they would like.


Suzette Swarts
October 3, 201610:20 am

Oe I Love the linen!

Nonny Mbathane
October 3, 201610:35 am

Love this product and always so glued on the site cause you have beautiful things and always recommend your products to people. I believe in the brand and know that more great things will happen, you have inspired me to be a more DIY chick and just creative…

Vanessa Christiane
October 3, 201610:57 am

Oh wow, what an amazing give away, your bedding is beautiful and I could really do with a gorgeous new set of linen! Haven’t bought really great quality in years!

Vanessa Christiane
October 3, 201611:09 am

It’s my Anniversary, 18 years on 11 October, and my Birthday on 28 October, not expecting any gifts so this would be so totally awesome!

Kimber-Lee Basson
October 3, 201611:40 am

love love love love love love love love love love love love love!!!!!! perfect for when i move into my new apartment next year 🙂 creativity and beyond**

October 3, 201612:15 pm

Eeeeh! I love!

Cara P.
October 3, 201612:32 pm

Those midnight snacks are what dreams are made of <3

October 3, 201612:41 pm

I fell in Love with Zana products a while back. I moved into my own little house in January. I basically had Nothing. Starting from scratch.
I am so fortunate an blessed with the process of redoing every room.
This linen will help me so much in my bedroom. It is exactly my style. Simple and of good quality!!
Would make my year winning a set!

fiona steyl
October 3, 20161:17 pm

Absolute stunning!!!!
Perfect for our new home and it’s my birfy on the 29th of October

Kate Lynch
October 3, 20161:36 pm

EEEEEE what an amazing giveaway! shared and shared. Holding thumbs xxx

October 3, 20161:55 pm

Yay! Have been eyeing the snack attack linen for ages! Entered and fingers crossed x

Catherine Riley
October 3, 20162:13 pm

What a lovely prize! I will never forget how I first discovered Zana – it was so exciting hunting down my dream cushions that I didn’t buy one year at Kamers vol Geskenke but then I got to come to your store and at last they were mine – the Goodmorning Gorgeous and Hello Handsome pillow set! Some new linen would really complete the look. Have not bought any linen in a long time, and have recently started re-doing my bedroom. A little here and there as I can afford to. Good luck to all the entrants, the winners will certainly be lucky 🙂

October 3, 20162:18 pm

Absolutley love the work you girls do! #GirlPower #ProudlySouthAfrican

Jenny Coulson
October 3, 20162:27 pm

Holding thumbs, crossing fingers and praying a prayer! Would LOVE to win this 😀

October 3, 20162:58 pm

I would love any of your products. Love them all – probably the only reason I havent ordered anything, because I cant choose. <3 🙂

October 3, 20163:44 pm

Wow this is amazing , soooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful I love your unique stuff perfect for gifts for friends…and for myself…..some of us like unique things and yours is BEAUTIFUL and unique 🙂 I just got a brand new bed after years and years , I finally took the plunge and invested , so now I just need the linen to go with it, I am in love with your stuff so beautiful and so much better than the boring designs in the shops. I have looked everywhere and yours is amazing…..following on Twitter @laurengerber1 and Facebook and completed steps. 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

October 3, 20165:12 pm

Oooh stunning stunning stunning hope im one of the lucky winners holding thumbs.

kamilah francis
October 3, 20166:19 pm

Beautiful linen i love♡♡♡♡

October 3, 20167:06 pm

Lovely prize ❤️

Heleen Niere
October 3, 20168:46 pm

Awesome products

Kimber-Lee Basson
October 4, 20164:34 pm

lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve all your goods and products! very pretty xx

Bianca Balutto
October 4, 201611:05 pm

I’m so obsessed with the midnight snack bedding absolutely gorgeous I neeeeeed it in my life 🙂

October 5, 201612:17 pm

Oooh, I just love the H A T C H D U V E T C O V E R S E T!

Anita Dingwayo
October 5, 20164:58 pm


October 6, 20169:48 am

Beautiful linen plus it my birthday month OMG would love to win 🙂

October 6, 201610:12 am

YAAAAAY! This is spectacular.

Paula Bianca Jacobs
October 6, 201611:44 am

OMG! I’ve had my eye on the Eyelashes linen for such a long time! Need 😀

Zoe Cornell
October 6, 20161:30 pm

Yes! So excited! <3 you ZANA!

October 9, 20168:59 pm

Stunningly beautiful! <3

Losh Don Kisten
October 10, 201610:43 am

Such an amazing giveaway – absolutely stunning – liked n sharing on social media

October 10, 201611:21 am

Love your stuff! its amazeballs! Defs in need 😀

Aimee Justine Le Roux
October 10, 201612:18 pm

This would be an amazing birthday pressie! 23rd October 😀

Anuschka Ascensao
October 10, 201612:30 pm

Literally love the zana brand, Nina my friend gifted me with my very first zana bag, it was stolen along with my jewelry last year over the summer holiday. Since then an eternal love for zana was sparked, I’ve bought almost 5/6 maybe even 10 bags from you already and have blessed so many people with it as a birthday gift. My current duvets are old school / falling apart, so I would LOVE a new duvet set! I’ll always continue to support you with loyalty, whether I win one or not.

October 10, 20161:36 pm

Shut up and take my money! These duvet covers are devine! *insert heart shaped eyes*. I entered. Now holding thumbs!

Kristi Kyle
October 10, 20162:10 pm

Crossing all fingers and toes!!!

Leonie Willcock
October 10, 20167:21 pm

Lovely quality linen, which i certainly could do with after 38 years of married life!

October 10, 20169:42 pm

This is so fantastic, i really need new amazing linen Finally in my own room and have no idea where to start. This would give me a shove in the right direction and be perf for my room please pick meee

Samantha Bezuidenhout
October 11, 20164:31 am

This is such a lovely give away from Zana products! I absolutely love the Zana brand* with all its amazing products it has to offer, something unique. It would be amazing to win and be able to share this with my fiancé, with your wonderful products we can call our house a home…

Wyona Landman
October 11, 20168:10 am

Entered, these duvet covers sets are absolutely amazing, eye catching and many more Crossing fingers to win this is such a WOW page looove it

Lynn Nagel
October 11, 201610:34 am

Like and shared.Wow!!!! What an incredible Dream #nextlevelbeautiful Gosh how I wish,would seriously show it off to the world.Ive always wanted a duvet cover like this,the eyelashes are so cool.Zana you are True Leaders in your field,love your products with my whole heart ❤️

Tarryn B
October 11, 201611:52 am

Catnap every single time!! Love the designs – just wish I had the cash to purchase every one!

Kimber-Lee Basson
October 11, 201612:37 pm

I NEEEEEED Zana’s products and bedding in my life!!! very pretty xx its so me!

Jessica Lister
October 11, 20161:07 pm

Absolutely LOVE the Zana products and would have a house full of them if I could! 🙂 I would love to start off with a beautiful bed linen set!

Deepa Naik
October 11, 201610:14 pm

MW! (Read:Oh My Word) ❣️❣️❣️

Lucille Ridings
October 12, 20164:36 pm

Wow!! Loving this linen

Lucille Ridings
October 12, 20164:37 pm


Kimber-Lee Basson
October 13, 201612:15 pm

love love love love love love love love love love love love love!!!!!! perfect for when i move into my new apartment next year creativity and beyond**

Zoe Lansdell
October 13, 201612:32 pm

Obsessed with your guys’ stuff! Need all of it… like the whole lot!

October 13, 201612:52 pm

How adorable!!!!

Anita Dingwayo
October 13, 201612:54 pm

As a sassy woman who loves good things, this has my name in it, love, love, love

Wyona Landman
October 13, 20161:22 pm

Just have to write another Blog Comment, your stuff is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Lucille Ridings
October 13, 20162:09 pm

Entered this fabulous giveaway. Loving this bedding and will certainly help getting loveley, comfy zzzz✔

Tania Brewis
October 13, 20164:04 pm

Wow!!! Would LUV to win this!!! Desperately need new bedding, and can’t find anything I like! But this I LOVE!!

Cirsten Van Den Heuvel
October 13, 20167:22 pm

Would really love to win this. I’m doing my soon to be 1 year old boy room monochrome and collecting as much as I can to make his room beautiful. I’m excitited to see the finished product when I got everything together

Rehana Seedat
October 14, 201610:58 pm

love your products

Lucille Ridings
October 15, 20164:11 pm

Wow!! Stunning bedding hope will all my heart of hearts to maby one of the lucky 5 winnerss❤

Tidi Esther Child
October 16, 201612:07 am

I am in love wow!

Michelle botha
October 16, 20167:46 am

So awesomely creative and fun!!! Would look perfet in my room 🙂

Jane Kilian
October 16, 20168:41 am

Obsessed with all things Zana <3 and especially the girls!

Gillian Wentzel
October 18, 201612:24 pm

I absolutely love all your products. This would be the most amazing anniversary gift for hubby and myself to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary in November. Fingers crossed

Selona Govender
October 19, 20167:18 am

Omg….I so love this brand.
Beautiful styles, colours and material.
Holding thumbs

October 19, 20168:21 am

I’ve entered on all social media platforms.Wow!!!! #fingerscrossed It’s so beautiful and what an amazing birthday gift this would be.I absolutely love Zana products,nothing else compares #pickme Please xoxo

October 19, 20168:21 am

I’ve entered on all social media platforms.Wow!!!! #fingerscrossed It’s so beautiful and what an amazing birthday gift this would be.I absolutely love Zana products,nothing else compares #pickme Please

Vanessa Christiane
October 19, 201612:57 pm

Init to winit , ❤ your products – be an amazing Birthday Prezzie and I have also shared on all social media platforms!

Kimber-Lee Basson
October 19, 20164:50 pm

fingers crossed xx I NEED THESE!!

October 19, 201611:52 pm

Entered, fingers crossed:)

October 19, 201611:54 pm

Would love to win

Lorien Byrne
October 20, 20166:12 am

Yay. Love Zana.

annette hamann
October 21, 201610:39 am

Wow. Pure luxury linen. I would be so thrilled to have such beautiful linen in my bedroom. A makeover is so long overdue. Fingers Crossed

Mishkah Abrahams
October 21, 201612:26 pm

Fingers crossed! I’m so obsessed with Zana! I fill Cape Town Etc’s weekly Style section with all of your products. SO much want x

Kimber-Lee Basson
October 21, 201612:41 pm

THIS IS A NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!! love Zana’s products 🙂 fingers crossed xx quirky and very pretty!

Imanah Patel
October 21, 20166:00 pm

Gooooooooooorgeous I would love love love to be one of the lucky winners.

Wyona Landman
October 22, 20168:07 am

DONE LOVE ZANA Products , fresh , original, awesome

Aimee Straiton
October 24, 201611:45 am

Oh Zana! This is the best competition i have come across and would absolutely adore a linen set, fresh, crisp and ready for the festive/summer season ahead! Nothing screams more to me than your gorgeous products that i love purchasing for myself and friends! You guys really are amazing and love supporting your work. #ZanaProductsRock!