Shopping with Shirley from Frequently Eats

Hiya! I’m Shirley, the girl behind the Instagram account Frequently Eats. I am completely obsessed with creating colourful, healthy, beautiful smoothies, salads and snacks. I believe in making a difference in our environment by eating plant-based foods, seasonal produce and reducing our footprint by using less plastic and more cruelty-free products.

Give us an idea of your average breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

-For breakfast, I usually go for a smoothie of some kind or a simple bowl of coconut yogurt (I love to make my own coconut yogurt!) and fruits. I like to keep bananas, strawberries and home-made granola ready for throwing together in the mornings.

-For lunch, I usually have a bowl of soup. I am a huge soup lover and love to get my daily serving of veggies in at lunch-time. If it’s too warm for soup, I usually go for a salad. Any goes here! I throw together couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, beans, corn and feta for a whatever-I-have-in-the-fridge kind of meal.

-Dinner is dependent on the night and what I am craving at the time. If it were up to me, I would make a veggie lasagne every single night.

You feel like some bread, what is your go to type?

Carbs are life! It’s so hard to choose just one type. I usually reach for a ciabatta though, they are doughy and crunchy at the same time and perfect for just about anything- toasties, soup dunking, crostini’s you name it!

Let’s be honest, Pizza is life. What toppings are you going with?

Always spinach and feta. If I’m switching it up- then olives and feta (and tons of garlic obviously!).

What is the thing you know is a luxury but splurge on when buying groceries.

Almond milk. It’s one of those very expensive kinds of milk and usually, I know I could just buy soy milk, but my evening chai lattes just aren’t the same without almond milk!

Thank you to Shirley for working with us on this blog post to promote our shoppers.

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