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Founders, Mother & Daughter.

Sue and Robyn Britz came together as a team to start Zana, in Cape Town, in 2012. Sue has many years experience in print and production and Robyn focuses on the graphic design, branding and online.

Sue graduated with a BA in fine Arts from Pietermaritzburg University. Robyn graduated from Vega in 2012 with a BA in Creative Brand Communications specialising in Multimedia Design.

They both draw on each others unique strengths and this is how Zana has grown. Sue handles all the ordering, finances, staff and production where Robyn is in charge of managing the team when it comes to design, social media and the online store.



The name “Zana” comes from an old family nickname that just seems to have stuck. (And we love it)

Our business was born out of a love for creating. After a few months of midnight sewing we realised that we had a legitimate business on our hands with orders pouring in from every corner of the globe.

We now have a team and a studio in Woodstock where we do our own sewing, testing, packaging, creating and so many other things that dreams are made of.

We are in love with colour, pattern and typography. This is really what gets us inspired.



Our studio is in Woodstock, Cape Town. This is where we do all of our preparing, cutting, sewing and shipping of all parcels. We also have a little show room / shop in the front!

*Mon – Thur 9am-5pm // Fri 9am-3pm

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