Screen Printing Online Workshop


ZANA online Screenprinting Workshop is finally here!

After teaching our workshop across SA for 2 years we decided to go digital making it more affordable & accessible for you, anywhere in the country.

This purchase gets you;

– Our 20 minute step by step introduction into screen printing using the kit below

What you will learn:

1.) Info about the different types of screens
2.) How to design for screen printing
3.) Designing and preparing your screen to print
4.) Steps involved in printing and preparing your printing surface
5.) How to clean your screen
6.) Tips & Tricks, FAQ’s

The workshop video covers many topics to get you started. It is intended to teach you an intro into screen printing allowing you to experiment, understand how it works and learn. Please note this is in no way an advanced course or professional setup. The workshop is based on the technique we used to get started when we first began printing for Zana in our home garage all those years ago. There is lots of fun to be had and who knows where it could lead.

NB: The link to download will be sent to you immediately. It is underlined in your ORDER CONFIRMATION email. Please look for “PDF”.

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