NEWS: We have been given permission to produce & distribute our fabric face masks through the lockdown period. Due to the demand we have received Sue Britz our co-founder will make them at home in isolation. Rest assured all of our staff are safe at home and our studio is closed.

Our capacity is not the same with no staff so please allow 1-3 working days, feel free to email us on for wholesale or company orders.

Your parcel will be delivered during lock down by Courier Guy who are taking extra safety precautions.

The disclaimer: These face mask will absolutely not prevent you from contracting COVID-19 but will stop you from coughing and sneezing onto others and will also assist you as a reminder to not touch your face or your nose. Helps you to feel like you have some sort of a barrier when being in public. They are not filtered and are not surgical grade, if you feel like that is what you need please contact a medical professional. We have provided you with all the info on our masks, please use your discretion when choosing to purchase one.

About us

Sue and Robyn Britz came together as a team to start Zana, in Cape Town, in 2012. The name “Zana” comes from an old family nickname that just seems to have stuck. (And we love it) – Since 2012 we have been designing and producing fun, bold and colourful textile goods. Local female hands make everything here at Zana. Our sewing ladies are paid a fare wage and treated well. This is important to us.

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