DIY Crate Chair

I created this little cushioned crate chair because I live in a little shoebox in town and I dont have alot of space for many chairs but I do often have more people over than the amount of seating I have. I thought this crate chair could suit anyone one a tight budget whos looking for an extra seat, or a fun little DIY project. This could also work so well in a relaxed outside setting.


You will need: Crate (new or old), 3 sponges, some fabric, a giant safety pin, scissors, pencil and ruler.


Step 1: LENGTH – This is way simpler than it looks. You can use the crate to measure the fabric easily, roll it 4 times as you see in the images below. Measure 10cm’s from its last point and cut the fabric.

Step 2: WIDTH – Same thing as above, 3 rolls and cut.


Step 3: Now you have your piece of fabric cut. 1.) Place the sponges in the centre of the width and length of the fabric. 2.) fold the bottom of the width up & fold the top in a bit 3.) fold the top over to cover sponges. 4.) Make triangles on each end of the length of the fabric (similar to gift wrapping) 5.) Place the crate, open side up on top of the sponges wrapped in the fabric. 6.) Fold up the ends and put them through the handle holes in the crate. 7.) Pull them through all the way 8.) Pull as tight as you can and safety pin the ends together.

Once you have completed those steps, turn it over and your crate chair is done!

You can then decorate it further (if you haven’t used a patterned or colourful fabric). I carved a little stamp out and printed a pattern the my fabric using blue ink.

Dont you love it? It turned out so great and took me a total of 30 minutes!


May 3, 20139:27 am

Please help me! Do you have a shop or do you know of anyone who makes these types of furniture as a living?

May 3, 20139:43 am

Hi Shirley,

No I don’t, we came up with the idea & made it ourselves. Are you looking to purchase something like this?

Robyn @ Zana