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Happy Monday to all!

We were so happy to have visited the Design Indaba Expo this year. Generally it is so crowded and last year we ended up leaving a little grumpy having had to push our way through people to get around. This year we decided to go on Saturday evening from 18:30 – 20:00 (closing time) – What a great decision, by then everyone is exhausted (from the crowds, right?) and has gone home.

We were able to view the whole expo and it was like it was a private event, all for us. (if only!) I snapped a few photos with my iPhone of things I loved at the expo. Check out the pictures below & I hope this is a little treat for those who couldn’t make it.

In love with these beautiful golden spoons.


Life is fun & a butterfly necklace is made from a real butterfly wing.


Giant bean chair and a beautiful shard fabric design chair.


The cutest plushies I have seen in a while!


Lighting was big this year at the expo. Spotted these two gorgeous pieces.


Furniture also made a great show this year, in love with this style and the tapered legs!


#mohair – love a hashtag in the real world!


Let us know if you went & what you loved seeing!