Zana Rebranding

Maybe some of you have noticed a new little Zana logo poking it’s head up here & there. We are in the process of re-branding and we thought we would share with you a little info about why.

A few years ago we started a business, for a short time,  under the name ‘Zana’ and we developed products such as bags and prints with a more African influence. The Zana logo therefore reflected those type of products and that type of message.  Time went by and we changed direction to start, what is now Zana. We decided we loved the name so we stuck with it on our new venture . We had stickers, tags and labels all with this logo so we decided to go with it until we build up enough to change it to something closer to what we are doing now. We reached the point where we ran out of stickers and labels (exciting sign actually) so we thought it the perfect time to rethink our logo.

Our old logo:



When deciding on our new logo we wanted to go with something really simple as our products are loud and busy and we wanted them to fit together comfortably. We love the curvy retro looking letters in the logo and we are really happy with it now! Simple, sweet & to the point!





On a more random note, the flowers in our office are looking extra beautiful today!