DIY Necklace Holder

I created this wooden jewellery hanger for all my long necklaces that always seem to end up in a tangled knot on my dressing table. I always seem to be untangling a bunch of 5 while running out of the door. Im not the biggest fan of those jewellery hangers that seemed to be the ideal gift a few years ago, those ones that look like an old fashioned woman’s torso wearing a corset with those curly metal arms to hang things from. So I decided to DIY my own using a few things I love at the moment – wood, dip dye + brass.

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Follow this DIY and you can make your own, very affordable & easy!

Step 1: You will need; a hammer, paintbrush, paints, piece of old wood or driftwood and some nails or picture pins.


Step 2: Paint the bottom half of the wood with colour of your choice for that dip-dye effect.


Step 3: Once the paint has dried, hammer the nails in. Do one on each end and one in the middle to start with as this will help guide how many pins you can fit and give them even spacing.


Step 4: You should end up with something like this! No you can secure a hook in the back or prepare to fasten it on the wall. Jewellery can be heavy so I suggest hook it to a screw on the wall or securely double sided foam tape it.


Step 5:  Hang your necklaces up & voilà!