zana makes: fox plushie

My lovely friends Nikki & Nic have just announced that they are expecting a baby boy! I love any excuse to create something fun and a friend having a baby is the perfect one, so we spent Sunday of the Easter weekend making this little guy. I found a pattern to create a plushie fox on etsy here for $10 – which translates to like R90.00. I think anything handmade is a lot more special and unique, don’t you? The pattern was simple but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who has no sewing experience. It took a bit of machine sewing & hand sewing to put this little foxie together. We didn’t stick to the guide exactly and we used our own combo of fabrics & felt. He turned out so cute!

The etsy store where I bought the pattern has so many other cute ones, especially the little sheep. Check them out!

Otherwise here are some pictures:


He even has a little tail, cutie!


(ps. after looking at these images I do notice that his one arm is higher than the other, haha, at least he has some character! :P)

Now to deliver him to his expecting mommy…



April 2, 201311:11 pm

Oh he is fab!!! I love how you used linen/cotton for his face 🙂 Brilliant colors and textures! I am sure your friend will love him! (If you’re finding your limbs move try tacking them down to your front body panel before you sew him up)

Hugs and happy sewing, Sarah xxxx

June 6, 201311:29 am

Wow this is amazing!!

I have a very good friend who is pregnant and would LOVE to get one of these for her little one.
Would you consider custom making one of these lovelies for me?

Love your products!! xo