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One of my favourite international trends this past season has been fruit patterns in both clothing and home design. Its about to hit South Africa (because yes we are behind by at least one season…) Fruit isn’t just found in bowls any more! The bright colours and pattern are the perfect inspiration and more now than ever designers are taking inspiration from their surroundings and producing iconic graphics and products.

Today we explore the use of fruit in design, print, pattern and textiles.

Over on Melissa Louise Lifestyle and Interiors Iv done a feature on how fruit has been adapted in pattern, art work,  products and DIY. See it here.

Fruit in Fashion/textiles:

Fruit in design by Zana Products

Left: Nasty Girl Juicy Fruit Tank Right: Watermelon silk scarf by P Johnson

Fruit in design by Zana Products

Spring fruit print clothing a la Stella McCartney 


Fruit in print:

Fruit in design by Zana Products

1. Cestla viv Papaya

2. Water colour watermelon

3. Print by Soizic Gilibert

4. Lemon Motif

Fruit in design by Zana Products

 Art Prints by Christopher Dina. 

– Melissa

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