DIY Fabric Yay Banner (No Sew!) October 22, 2013 – Posted in: DIY


Today we wanted to share a fun DIY no-sew fabric banner. This DIY is pretty easy to do but takes a little time and patience to get right! The end result is so nice that its totally worth the time!

Here is a list of what you will need for this DIY

What you might have to go & get:

– Hem tape (can be found at fabric or craft stores) – Surprisingly very cheap for a huge roll!

– Printable adhesive paper (try stationary stores – generally come in packs)

What you might have laying around at home:

– Piece of fabric & Scissors

– Black fabric/craft paint & Paint brush

– Wooden dowel

– Some rope or string

– Craft knife & Metal ruler


diy banner


Step 1: So your first step is to cut your fabric to 51cm x 30cm (approx 20″ x 12″). Lay the fabric in a portrait position and fold the two bottom corners in so that they meet in the middle and line up. Then cut the two flaps away (see dotted cut line on image) leaving about a 3cm gap for the hem tape. (**tip – you might want to consider using a pencil line to mark before cutting as things can get shifted around!)


Step 2: Once you have cut the two flaps away, lay the hem tape under the two remaining 3cm ‘hems’ and iron to set hem tape. (**tip – make sure your iron is on the hottest setting)



Step 3: On the other end to the hem tape you have just ironed, place your wooden dowel down and flap over the fabric to meet a strip of hem tape on the other side. This will create a little slot for your dowel.


Step 4: Then you will want to download this ‘YAY’ template ‘yay-diy & print it (at scale) onto your A4 adhesive paper using your home printer. You can actually print & use whatever word you like! (** tip – try choose something with straight lined letters as this will make the next step much easier!) Cut out your letters using a craft knife & metal ruler.


Step 5:  Take your “YAY” print & remove the release lining at the back of the adhesive paper, stick the paper down to the front side of the banner (the side that is flat / opposite side to where you were ironing) & paint in the letters in. Once it has dried you can pull the adhesive paper away. (**tip – do not flood the letters with paint as this could lead to leaking under the paper, try cover with enough paint, but not too much!)


Step 6: Cut a piece of rope approx 60cm / 24″ and tie in on either side of the dowel sticking out. (**tip It would be a smarter idea to leave cutting of your wooden dowel to the right length to this stage, this will give you a good judge on how long it needs to be to have a little bit peeping out on each end for the rope tie!)


Ta-Da! You now have a pretty & charming YAY banner! We decided to use ours above our office kitchen shelf, adorable isn’t it! 🙂 Please leave us a comment below if you enjoyed this DIY or if you get stuck at any stage & need help!

diy banner