Something Fresh for Your Desk – Wallpapers #2 November 25, 2013 – Posted in: Downloadables – Tags: , , , ,

Its been a while since my last wallpaper post. It is still fun spotting friends using the kitties as their backgrounds! Here are two new ones. I’ve gotten a lot better at blogging regularly in the last few weeks, thanks to having a new lovely studio (motivation) as well as a blogging partner, Mel!

First up, we have what’s totally hot right now in the design world, yes you guessed right, pineapples. I though I’d make this in celebration of the patterny pineapple top I bought over the weekend. Our Pineapple pattern’s are also the one thing people point at & love on our mood board in the office! It must be a sign!

Download the Pineapple wallpaper by clicking here: [Download not found]


Secondly, some fun type I made for our blogger boxes we sent out a few weeks ago. I totally needed to spread it around a little more!


Download the ‘It Must Be Love’ wallpaper by clicking here: [Download not found]


If you download & use either of these wallpapers, take a pic of your screen & let us see! tag us/link us/mention us on twitter or instagram @zanaproducts – We are giving out a spot (pouch) prize!