Something Fresh for Your Desk – Wallpapers #3

Everybody is loving the desktop wallpapers Robyn has been designing , if you Haven’t yet seen them, have a look here-  #1 and #2. They were such a hit and people are asking for more…. Sooo I’m giving it a go. Graphic design is not my background, but I’m learning fast and am pretty happy with the way these turned out!!  This being my very first attempt as this, I’m so crazy excited to share my designs with you all. Its so much fun coming up with new ideas and prints, I hope you love them.

Flower Fields was based on a simple sketch I had made a while ago. I liked it so much I couldn’t help transform it into this beauty which I’m currently rocking on my desktop.



















Download the Flower Fields wallpaper by clicking here: [download id=”5″]


and here is the second design, One in the million, with valentines day just past I was thinking about all the specials in my life….




















Download the One in the million wallpaper by clicking here: [download id=”6″]


We LOVE seeing people using them, so if you download & use either of these wallpapers, take a pic of your screen & let us see!

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Melissa. x