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Candle lit tea party

Who doesn’t like candles? They are totally necessary for winding down, curled up on the couch, watching series kinda days! Candles also remind me of all the great things in life – bubble baths, birthday parties and date nights… Big phat white candles are my fave, they are scattered everywhere around my home, I just love the mood they set. After going through so many I decided to explore making my own…

Thinking out of the box, I used a thrifted tea cup set instead of the standard and sometimes boring glass canister.

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What you will need-

– Tea cup

– Wax

– Wick

– Sustainers

– Presstick

– A stick/skewer

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Thread the wick through the sustainer and knot the end to prevent it from coming out again. Heat/melt a little bit of wax to ‘prime’ your wick, this involves dunking the wick in the wax and allowing it to dry. Secure the sustainer to the bottom of the cup with a small dot of prestick, this just stops it from moving at all.

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As mentioned above, use a small dot of prestick to secure the sustainer to the bottom of the cup (see image below right). Once secure tie the wick to a a stick/skewer (see image below left), this will hold the wick straight up and prevent it from sinking into the wax while drying.

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Step three – MELT YOUR WAX:

Melt your wax in a pot or iron kettle, the kettle is recommended as it has a spout and make easy for pouring. I worked with what I had and managed just fine with a pot. Do not spill the wax, not only does it make a mess, its VERY hot and will burn you. Allow your wax filled cups to cool, if you are impatient you can pop them in the fridge. They might sink a little, as the wax contracts, I just topped it back up again and they came out perfect.

Useful hints when dealing with wax-

– Pour wax at 70c for optimal results.

– Wash mould/pot in hot soapy water after use.

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Over all this DIY was great fun and was so easy to do… A big thank you to Candle Makers Deli for the tips on candle making.

Safety precautions-

– Never heat wax on an open flame, if you have a gas stove like me be VERY careful. Wax catches alight.

– Do not heat wax in a microwave.

– Do not heat wax unattended whilst heating, wax catches alight when too hot.

– In case of fire, turn heat off. DO NOT extinguish with water. Pour sand on the flames.

– Do not pour hot wax down the sink or toilet.



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Melissa xx


March 28, 201412:45 pm

Hi Melissa,
Gorgeous pix and styling. Thanks for trying candlemaking! Could I share this on my website?
Have a great weekend!

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