Zana April 2014 Collection

Over the last three months we have excitedly been preparing for this day… Our April 2014 collection is inspired by our interpretation of pattern in our day to day tasks and surroundings. The first steps at creating this new collection started with sketches and water colour paintings, we refine these with computer aided programs and then get screen printing. This is a very organic process and we just love watching our ideas and concepts morph into what you see as an end product.

We have introduced some new product types to the mix too, we are excited to bring to you- aprons, placemats and leather base bags. They all make a statement, bright and are fun things to decorate life with!


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With this new range we wanted to introduce colours and patterns which can be easily paired with existing Zana goodies allowing our buyers to add to their collections. We have developed a range of patterns that are bright, cheerful and encourage you to just embrace the fun side of life.

We pride ourselves in designing, making and selling beautifully hand crafted goods with our custom designed textiles.



This new collection is now live on our local and international stores, YAY! Shop till you drop…

We can’t wait to get some feedback from our buyers, please tweet us @zanaproducts .

Hugs from the Zana Team. x