The design process of our new range

Happy Friday all! I’m the type of person who loves to see the behind the scenes scoop and really know how something beautiful was brought to life. Not just the finished picture! Today I share a few behind the scenes snaps of how we got to the launch of our new range in April.

Normally I start out scribbling in one of my numerous sketch-pads. I love to just capture shape using either a giant permanent marker or water colour paints. I gather inspiration from so many places and let my brain explode on the page, often drawing really unusual geometric shapes. Here is a little look into our process.

Rough drawings that eventually turned into our Timer pattern.



Water colour pattern in orange which is what I used to create our Lines design (in black.)



We then scan in our drawings, sketches and paintings. We vectorise them and play with the repeat, scale & colour. Our studio walls become covered in A4 printed pages of designs (forgive us trees!) This helps us decide and eliminate.


Once we decided on which designs to go ahead with, we get printing colours right with swatches from our printers. We pair patterns up and decide what products we can make with them. Below is when we were deciding on what leather to use on our leather base bags.


Pom Pom trim also joined the family, because we couldn’t resist. Have a look at all of our speciality goodies here.


Then to the final product. The feeling of seeing something you designed, or had a part in designing, come to life is so amazing.



I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look, let me know if you did & I will definitely do more in the future.

xx Robyn