Chair revamp- Lines Chairs FOR SALE!





We fell in love with these chairs the moment we laid eyes on them, they are super comfy and were the perfect base structure for us to apply our newly released lines fabric to. Our lines fabric is available by the running meter (shop ZAR, shop USD), this gives you the opportunity to try this at home/ get your upholsterer to do it for you…



If you are interested in these chairs please send a mail to First come first serve!

This is our third chair revamp project and I just love how each project is totally unique, see our previous projects here and here.

We haven’t decided on chairs for our next project, if you have any suggestions of types of chairs you would be interested in seeing as rework, let us know in the comments below! Follow us on social media to keep up on what’s new in studio, and to see what our next set of chairs will look like…





Have a happy Wednesday.

Melissa and the Zana Team. x