Cookies & Cocktails Colab – DIY Whimsy Tassel Garland

Our colab shoot with Lindie Meyer and Laura Mitchell had an outdoor picnic component to it – enter whimsy tassel garland. This beauty adds a touch of fairydust to any space, indoors and out, and seriously did the trick for our shoot.

Here’s how to go about making your own garland.


What you need:
1. Tissue paper (1 sheet = 1 tassel)
2. Cutting mat
3. String (for hanging)
4. Clear glue
5. Cutting knife
6. Pretty string (as many 37cm long pieces as tassels you plan on making)
7. Steel ruler




To start off, after picking your tissue paper colours, lay one sheet of tissue paper flat and fold in half. Then fold the closed end down, about 4cm, crease and fold back. This line will act as a guide for your cutting in the next step.




Using your cutting knife, cut at 2cm thick intervals from the crease until you have cut across the entire sheet. Then open the tissue paper and lay it flat, spreading out the tassels neatly.




Starting at one end, slowly and carefully roll up along the uncut center section of the tissue sheet to create a sort of rod with a tassel hanging on each end. Keep untangling the tassels with your fingers as you go. (Be careful not to tear the paper!)




Then, gently start twisting the center piece to create a sturdy section to use as the tassel ‘loop’.




Place a blob of clear glue on the one side at the base of the tassel loop and bring the two sides together. Secure them with a clip for a few minutes until the glue has dried or is just sticking.




Remove the clip and cut a 37cm long piece of your pretty string. Wrap the string around the base of the tassel loop, tie and snip the loose ends to neaten.




Voila! You now have a tassel! Repeat the steps until you have your desired amount of tassels. You can then string all the tassels on your thick string (we usually work on 5 tassels per meter) and hang them up wherever you like!






Nikki xx