DIY Eye Mittens

The winter chill has hit Cape Town and we are desperately trying to layer up as much as possible! I was really inspired to do a DIY based off these, Ouef, totally cute eye mittens! Here is how we made them, totally quick & easy! I used these Asos mittens which are on special for $7!

What you will need:


Step 1.) Download the eye template here which you can print and then cut out.

Click here to download the printable eye template.

Step 2.) Glue down the paper cut out onto your felt using normal glue.

Step 3.) Cut your felt around the template.


Step 4.) Peel off the paper from the felt & find the right placement on your mittens. You need to put the mittens on & check what they look like on. (use a mirror or a friend!)

Step 5.) Hand sew them on.



There you go! Can make for some really sweet winter photos!

xx, Robyn