Driftwood Necklace DIY

Today over on our blog we show you how to make these rustic but stylish necklaces out of driftwood.

What you will need:

– Driftwood, we braved the beach one very rainy day and found these perfectly sized pieces of driftwood!

– Copper wire

– Pliers

– A necklace chain

Step one-

Allow your driftwood to dry out, we left it for a day in a warm spot. Once dry start winding your copper wire around the width of the driftwood. I found it was easier to create a very small groove in the driftwood to allow the first wind round to “catch” that way it didn’t slip…



Step two –

Once you have enough copper wire around your piece of driftwood, fold the last piece back under the other wire. (See above photo) This will help secure it in place. Create a hole at the top of your piece of driftwood, to create a loop for the necklace.



Step three –

Knot the wire on the back side of your piece of driftwood then thread a piece of copper wire through the top hole to create the loop mentioned in the above step, twist the wire to tighten.



Step four –

Attach you necklace chain and they are ready to wear.






If you try this at home tweet or instagram us, we would love to see it!