House of Machines – Cape Town Coffee Culture

We are kind of, sort of, coffee snobs around here in the Zana studio. I also know that we are definitely not the only ones! So we decided to find a few coffee shops, less widely well known, and show you around.

House of Machines is a unique and eye catching coffee shop on Shortmarket Street, a short walk from Long Street f you find yourself there. It is quite dark inside and had a really cozy feeling on the rainy day when we went. They also play really great music and the owner took the time to chat to us spontaneously, he really is passionate about the place and it shows. Small things like that really make a difference.





The place is scattered with designer magazines so it could be a cool spot to grab a quick coffee and snack if you are by yourself. Despite it’s biker feeling, there was such a mixed crowd, families with babies, working professionals, young and old. I would definitely recommend getting a double expresso because they serve it in a really cool branded mug!