DIY: Belt strap pin board

So many of you asked for a tutorial on how we created this super fun pin board for our studio, and while this DIY is wildly different the technique and materials are the same no matter the shape you choose…

What you will need:

– An old belt

– 13mm insulation board

– Batting

– Fabric off cuts or our scrap packs

– Staple gun

– Glue gun

– Scissors


Step One:

Cut your 13mm insulation board into a circle (or in my case…the closest thing to a circle) , then cut your batting into a circle about 4cm larger than your insulation board. Place the batting under your board indicated by the dashed line below.


Step Two:

Tightly secure your batting to the insulation board and staple. I found it easiest to start with four opposite points and then working in the smaller pieces.



Step three:

Now neaten the back by cutting off any excess batting or loose edges you may have.



Step four:

Now repeat the same process but with your fabric. Try to keep your edges as smooth as possible.



Step five:

Use a hot glue gun to glue your old belt around the bottom half of the circle.



Step Six:

Hang it in a special space in your home or office and admire!




Have a wonderful weekend. If you decide to give this ago over the weekend, tweet us ( @zanaproducts), We would LOVE to see your version of this DIY.