Banner Colab Reveal: Nikki&Nicholas meets Zana

Our blogging bestie Nikki worked with us on creating this banner for our colab which you may have read about or seen on Instagram! Nikki, designer and super mom, & Nick, illustrator and animator, are a creative dynamite duo not to be messed with and we love what they came up with! Both the look and feel, inspired by lino cut, and the whimsy Mumford and Sons lyric are both up our alley. We are obsessed!

So how do you get your hands on one? We will be selling 5 of these beauties here. Nikki is doing a give-away for 6 lucky readers which you can easily enter here.

These are limited addition with only 15 printed so make sure to enter or buy one before we have none left! Thank you for everyone who suggested their ideas via comments, instagram, email etc.



Had a sudden brain wave? Next up we have Emma Jane of EmmaJaneNation, go share your thoughts with her here on what you would like to see on a banner.

Thank you Nikki, you are amazing!


Cassidy Taylor-Memmory
August 7, 20146:53 pm

Such a cute banner!


{REVEALED} My Zana banner design for the #zanabannercolab | Nikki and Nicholas
August 26, 20148:17 am

[…] The N+N banner is very limited edition, with only 15 printed banners in total. If you would like to buy one, please visit the Zana online store here but be QUICK. There are only 5 of our N+N banners being sold online over at Zana. Zana ship locally and internationally. But.. Hurry! Read Zana’s lovely blog post about the reveal here. […]