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You will need:

  • Hem tape (2cm wide)
  • Scissors
  • Steel ruler
  • Iron
  • 8 x 90° copper elbows (22mm diameter)
  • 2 x 430mm copper pipes (22mm diameter)
  • 4 x 350mm copper pipes (22mm diameter)
  • 2 x 230mm copper pipes (22mm diameter)
  • Fabric (445 x 1470mm)



First, to get an idea of what you are working with, build the copper pipe structure without the fabric.  Then remove the longest pipes – you will use these for the making up of the fabric part.


Measure and cut 4 pieces of hem tape – 2 long and 2 short for the respective sides of your fabric. Using a steel ruler and an iron, make a 2cm wide crease for your hem around all edges of the fabric. The width of the hem will depend on the width of your hem tape – it needs to just cover the hem tape otherwise you will get stickiness all over your iron!



Next, place the hem tape under the hem and apply heat using the iron to stick it down – start with the long sides before doing the short ones until your fabric has a neat hem all around it.


Bring in the short edges to meet in the middle, the one side over-lapping the other by 2cm. Make sure the join is equidistant from the two short ends.


Measure and cut 3 pieces of hem tape, 2 long and 1 short. Use the short one to stick the middle join down, applying heat with the iron to do so.


Place the two 430mm copper pipes inside the folded fabric, pushing them to each side. Use the 2 long pieces of hem tape to do the final sticking down of the sides, again, applying heat with the iron to do so.



Now, with the pipes in place in the fabric, reconstruct your beautiful new magazine stand. Voila!



The Zana Team xx