Travel Essentials // Trying to remain bite sized

I’m off to Hong Kong for a week and I am beyond excited! I am starting to pack and thought I would share the process with you. I was in Istanbul in June and one thing I can say is that it had been a long time since I had done an overseas trip and I packed quite badly. Especially when it comes to cosmetics. I have separation issues and I feel like if I leave ONE of my 10 hair products behind I will spontaneously combust and be doomed to horrible hair & pictures the entire trip.

Although I did use all the cosmetics I took with, in hind sight I really could have done without a few. I wore a hat the entire time anyway, arg!



I just run too many scenarios through my head, what If this happens, what if we go there, what if I need this jacket as well. It was especially tricky because we were visiting family and you never know where they could want to take you, not the usual tourist casual places I would regular if I was on my own.

So onto this Hong Kong trip, I am determined to have a good balance of practical with a small dose of  glam for those evenings out. I will just have to accept I wont be AS put together as if I was at home, but it will do. Dragging a heavy bag through the airport and living out of a cosmetics bag that is SO full it takes you 10 minutes to find anything is totally not worth it!

I have had a subscription to Ruby Box for a while now & I have saved up so many samples of various products. These come in so handy when travelling especially when they send you samples of things you use anyway, like that Dermalogica cleansing gel. I will probably also pack in a small hairspray & dry shampoo. I feel very scared travelling with oils/serums as I have had one too many bad experiences with them leaking everywhere. Oil all over your cosmetics bag, not fun!

Things I cannot live without (not even for a week):

Zambuk, the only thing that prevents cold sores and keeps my lips hydrated on the long flight (& proudly South African!) Clarins Hydraquench Rich Cream, so so unbelievably nice for very dry skin. Mac Soft and Gentle highlighting powder for instant glam (I am guilty of overdoing it with this stuff!)

So nice to have while travelling: 

Pocket screw top sun-cream. I bought this in Istanbul and it is so nice & mini, great for whipping out & not looking like a total baking-in-the-sun tourist.



I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I packed. It is going to be very hot in Hong Kong so I am going full summer prepared. I would love to hear your tips and suggestions in the comments below. Here’s to some freed up bag space which equals more room for shopping and bringing home tons of stuff you totally need!

xx Robyn