DIY Fairy Light Box Frame

Inspired by this DIY from High Walls and this look from the beautiful home of Michelle Halford from The Design Chaser, us Zana girls put together our very own fairylight box frame! Quote by Rihanna (of course), type designed by us 😉


You will need:

  • A wooden box with framed glass front
  • Paper (to cover the glass front)
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • White spray paint
  • Double-sided tape
  • Fairy Lights (Battery powered)
  • Picture of your choice


Cut two pieces of paper the size of the glass of the wooden box. Using the masking tape and paper, cover the glass, making sure to cover both sides as you will be spraying inside and outside the box. Spray the inside of the box with the white spray paint, allowing to dry before spraying the outside. You may need to do a coat or two!


Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape and paper from both sides of the glass, using a glass cleaner to remove any white paint that may have messed onto the glass.


Cut a strip of double-sided tape, a little shorter than the length of the battery pack of the fairy lights and stick to the battery pack. Remove the protective film of the other side of the tape and stick the battery pack down to the back of the wooden frame. Pack the string of fairy lights around the battery pack inside the box.


Again, cut a strip of double-sided tape, a bit shorter than the length of the battery pack and stick it to the front of the battery pack secured to the back of the wooden box. Peel the film off of the tape and carefully secure your picture to the front of the battery pack. Rearrange the fairy lights around the picture as desired, put on the lights, close the box and ‘ta-da’ – your fairy light box frame is done!


diamondframe-7The Zana Girls xx

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