Make your own flower crown

Spring has sprung and I am just so in love with all the flowers, colours and longer days. With longer days comes sunset walks and pic nics in the park and what’s a picnic without a floral crown? Here is a quick tutorial on how you can make your very own flower crown.

What you will need:

1. Fresh flowers

2. Section of hose pipe

3. Craft tape

4. Scissors



Step 1 || Measure your piece of hose pipe by holding it around your head. Stuff a small piece of paper into the hose pipe to fix the ends together to create a circle, then tape your hose pipe together using the craft tape.



Step 2 || Start taping your desired flowers around the hose pipe circle. When selecting your greenery make sure you select small and medium leaves to add as a filler between your flowers. I taped in a clockwise direction and over lapped it when I reached full circle.



Step 3 || Once you have your basic flower crown formed add your pops of colour by inserting one or two different colour flowers.


Step 4 || The end.



Melissa. x