Help a gurl out! #1

Question: Which tools do you use to help you stay organised?


Lists, lists and more lists. I always keep my notebook on me in case, when I’m out and about, I need to write a to-do down. The app Wunderlist is also great for making lists on my phone (which never leaves my side) but nothing beats the good ol’ pen and paper!

To be honest, I like to think of my ‘methods’ as organised chaos. I hate filing my paper work and my laptop desktop is often littered with thumbnails but somehow I still make it work for me. I do pride myself in (somewhat messy) list making as I do think this is key to getting everything done in the day.

I normally start with a list on Monday and then spread that out over the week. I like to make lists in my diary and on my phone so when a sudden thought (or something I forgot) pops to mind, I can quickly jot it down. I use Wunderlist app, Notes app and I have also recently been exploring Google Calendar although the whole sticking to the time schedule thing is a little difficult for me.

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