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Question: How do you balance freelance work and your 9-5?


My freelance work usually comprises of a mishmash of things, from photography, recipe development, styling and design work. The latter I manage to do in the evenings, or even getting up a little earlier before work to get some things done. When it comes to clients, it’s like family, you can’t always choose.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have one regular client who introduced me to a desktop and mobile workflow app called Trello – life changing! This way I always know what it expected of me and they know where I am in the design process.


With the photography, styling and recipe development I usually use my weekends to do this, which I’m totally cool with because it’s a great passion of mine and would probably be doing it in my “free-time” any way!



1. Manage client expectations via email and phone calls during the day.

2. Be transparent with your client, let them know what you are doing and set honest lead times- generally they will be understanding. If not, it’s not the kind of client you want anyway!

3. Take on the right kind of work, be realistic with your time management. The last thing you want is to build a reputation of over promising and under delivering.



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