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Question: I’m thinking about leaving my well paying and secure job to join a small business. Will I be happy?


Nikki: Well, whether you will be happy is entirely up to you. It depends on your personality and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Some people enjoy climbing up the corporate ladder, making everydays mission to either stand out in the crowd (or blend in to it). I personally prefer (and am way happier for it) being part of a small business. You are more likely to be able to extend your role into all facets of the business, and with this fluidity are able to learn so much and gain a broader insight into what running a business really entails. You get to do a bit of everything and figure out that you’re good at things you never thought you could do!

Melissa: Both a small business and larger companies can be well paying…. Security within a small business is what you have to be cautious about. In my opinion without risk there can be no reward. Although both have their pros and cons, alot of the time a small businesses can offer more creative and personal freedom but there is equal pressure to make things happen as the buck stops at you! I have been in both situations and I have enjoyed the dynamic of a small business environment more, this does depend on your personality and whether you will thrive or not.

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