Help a gurl out! #4

Question: Do you have any business or creative books that really inspired you?

Nikki: I recently read Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS (thanks Robyn), which I found immensely inspiring. Her journey to success and just her attitude about life and living in the working world as a woman hit straight home! I enjoy reading but mostly novels and non-fiction (The Vacationers by Emma Straub is a quick MUST-read), but when it comes to creative inspiration I’d usually turn to blogs, like Adventures in Cooking, My name is Yeh and Oh Joy (just a few of my faves) to get the creativity going, from design to photography and food styling.

Robyn: I loved #GIRLBOSS as it was an easy and inspiring read. I then went on to insist that every girl I know should read it, Nikki took my advice! I have tried to get into other business books such as The 4-Hour Work Week which I did read quite a lot of but I gave up eventually as I felt the whole thing was a little sensationalist. I am not the biggest reader so I keep my long book reading stamina for adventure and fantasy books. That is why I love having something like Design Sponges’ Biz Ladies to read on the go. Quick and to the point advice from a diverse group of ‘biz ladies.’  – I am always looking for inspiring business reads, if you have one, please comment below!

Zana girls giving the advice:

Designer, foodie & photographer.
Instagram: @nikkialbertyn
Co-owner of Zana, bit of a jack of all trades. Dabble in design & development.
Twitter: @robynbritz
Instagram: @robynbritz


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