Honey & Citrus Lip Scrub | Lulu & Marula DIY Skincare Colab

I suffer from the worst dry lips. I can barely wear lipstick and have to put lip blam on over my lipstick a lot of the times. Since using a lip scrub to exfoliate my lips, things have been so much better! I now exfoliate with a sugar scrub right before I need to so that my lips don’t turn into a flaky hot mess within an hour. So if you are looking to get your lips all fresh for summer here is a little DIY for you!

“Coming out of the winter months, many of us are suffering from dry, chapped, flaky lips (not a great look). To get a soft, smooth pout that allows your lipstick to glide on beautifully, a natural lip scrub is your saviour.” – Jesslyn from Lulu & Marula


You will need:
1 tsp honey
1 tsp Jojoba oil
2 tsp brown sugar
3 drops of Sweet orange essential oil


Combine the ingredients in a small bowl, mixing until everything is thoroughly combined. Transfer to a small ointment jar or old lip balm container.



Melissa showing us her best pout! You will want to apply to damp lips and run in for about 30 seconds before rinsing off with warm water. Follow with some lip balm. My personal fav is good ol’ Zambuk!



Have a lovely day!

xx Zana girls