Help a gurl out! #5

Question: I want to start an online shop in South Africa, where do I start?

Nikki: With online, you need to remember that your website and your social media platforms are like your shop front. Invest time and effort into making those look amazing and ensure they resonate with your consumer (which you need to know like they’re your bestie!). Having a solid product that your consumers can relate to is important, but communicating with the buyers in a way that makes sense to them is equally as important! It’s all part of the package and making that package look as great as you can possibly make it should be your number one priority.

Robyn: Start by setting up a beautiful online store, make it simple and let your product / service shine. Website building tools like Shopify make it easy for your to do it yourself. Avoid busy backgrounds, patterns, clutter. I see this way too often. If you don’t trust your design eye, consult a friend.

Things you should focus on getting right.

1. Product photography. Convey scale, colour and make it look desirable.

2. Item descriptions. Describe the colour, dimensions and give shipping times.

3. Customer Service. Reply to every email with professionalism and act like a bigger business than what you may have.

4. Social Media. Built up social media followings by updating regularly and showing what goes on behind the scenes.

Zana girls giving the advice:

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