MEET THE TEAM #5 – Nikki

Enjoying the meet the team series?

Next you get to meet the lovely Nikki! Nikki joined our team in March 2014 and is responsible for the graphic design elements, our super cute and non spammy mailer designs (which if you sign up for you will get 15% off your next purchase! YAY) and contributes to our blog.

Favourite colour?

Gold (it’s totally a colour)

When is your birthday?

15th of July

Favourite song at the moment?’

Porter Robinson – Lionhearted

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Mexico or Japan

Favourite movie of all time?


If you were stuck on an island what three items would you have with you?

My camera, my insulin and juiceboxes

What is your favourite Zana goodie?

Swiss-Cross Small Pouch

What is your favourite meal?

Salads. I love salads. And Simit (Turkish breads)

Are you a Cat or Dog person?

I’m a bit torn as I have dogs I really love but I’d say I’m a cat person

What is your favourite past time?

Cooking, baking and reading


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