Zana DIY Top 5 Roundup!

We’ve done some pretty awesome DIYS and 2014 was a great year for our blog. We are so proud of everything we have produced. Here is a round-up of our top 5 DIYS in 2014. Have a look!


1.) Make your own pots.

We loved this DIY. It’s a little more complicated than others we have done but the results look like you could have bought them at a nursery which is really rewarding. Plus the options with cement are endless, you can make any shape and size!

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 2.) DIY Mother’s day gem soaps.

These were super easy and affordable to make for Mother’s day. Let’s be honest, we all know moms love handmade gifts! Also a great idea for those who love to create custom packaging.



3.) Make your own paper vines.

We loved shooting this DIY in Deer Park on a frosty morning. These paper vines are great to add a finishing touch to an outdoor event.



4.) DIY Plaited Wall Hanging.

An easy DIY which you can make using just string, a dowel and some dye (optional.) You know how many people have wanted to buy this from us, we promise it’s super easy to make yourself!


5.) DIY Copper Magazine Rack

We give you full instructions on how to make this super fun DIY yourself. Really chic, modern but does take a little bit of effort to get the final result. Feeling lazy? We now sell these: here.


xx Robyn

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November 6, 20158:40 pm

The Paper Vine DIY looks like fun! I think I’ll do one for my room