Help a gurl out #8

Question: Which online stores in South Africa do you think are doing it so very right?


Yuppiechef’s customer service is a tightly run ship – they are so on the ball and it makes a big difference for the local folk who are still afraid of buying online. I am always so happy with my purchases from them! I love for their beautifully showcased products, particularly the socks. You need to make your products look good online to sell them. The checkout process is also really important – if it’s simple you’ve got me. I don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to give you my money for your product.


Let’s be honest, Yuppiechef you get it so right but here are a few others I love. Superbalist have some really good deals, I personally love their sneaker selection. A little more mainstream but a total one stop shop and online shopping mogul here in SA is Takealot. My go to for anything from technology deals to dog toys.

I also love browsing Dear Rae and ordering some of my best IG prints from Nifty250.

Which are your favourite online stores? I am always looking for new ones! Comment below or tweet us @zanaproducts

Zana girls giving the advice:

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