DIY Ear Cuff

So we’re finally almost over the festive financial pinch and to make us feel a little better about it we decided we needed some sparkly accessories. Enter: DIY ear cuff.


You will need:

    • Epoxy glue
    • 1 curved gold tube
    • 1 Flat pad glue-on post
    • An assortment of plastic gems
    • A hammer
    • Steel block for hammering (not 100% necessary)




1. Using your hammer, flatter the gold tube.


2. Mix your glue and stick the flat pad glue-on post on the one end of your flattened gold tube. Let the glue set for about 15 minutes.


3. Before glueing your stones down to the gold tube, it might be a good idea to stick the stones with Prestik into the formation you want to achieve.


4. Once you’re happy with your placement, remove the Prestik from each stone and stick them down with the epoxy, one by one. You don’t have to plan the cuff like this but we just felt more comfortable with knowing how it’d turn out 🙂


Done. Simple and effective jewellery to make your friends jelly (it’s so easy you can just make a whole bunch anyway)! We are DEFS taking this one out for a night on the town this weekend 😉

The Zana Girls xx