Zana around the world #4

We are back with the last of this series (see 1 , 2 & 3 here.), next stop Berlin! We are always excited to see where in the world our goodies end up, and couldn’t be more excited to stock The District Six Store. They are a pleasure to work with and we just LOVE their new space.


“I’m a Berlin based graphic designer, part time stylist, married to my wonderful husband and mother of our almost three year old son. After I fell in love with your beautiful country and South African design a few years ago, I’ve launched an online shop in 2013 for contemporary home decor, art and lifestyle accessories from South Africa. With the great success of the online shop, I recently opened a small boutique in the vibrant neighborhood of Berlin’s Graefekiez. It was always my dream to run a local store and finally this dream came true! It feels awesome to see the products coming alive, to smell the leather, touch the fabrics and falling in love everyday again with the mix of patterns and colors. And it reminds of the great times we always had and have when walking through the streets in Cape Town, doing a little shopping and enjoying life in the sun. Last year Tara Deacon moved to Berlin and joined the team (we actually met through Instagram, thanks Social Media!). Tara was born in Pretoria and studied product design in Johannesburg. She helps me in the shop and together we want to work on our range of products, produced in South Africa.” – Caroline Adam




Q: What is the design concept of your store/showroom/home office?

A: As it’s a very small space with only a room, I wanted to keep the interior design bright and clean. I used light wood for the furniture and white and light grey as the main colors, mixed with geometric and botanical elements. I created five main areas: a natural, light area, a very colorful area with lots of colorful elements and mixed patterns, a botanical ‚tropsy‘ area with green hues, birds and plants and a monochrome area with a nice mix of black and white hues. In the back part I’ve made a art section with lots of prints and artworks and also a small selection of jewelry.

Q: Which of our products are your favourite?
A: I really love the cushion cover sets with, “Good morning beautiful / Hello sunshine“ in gold. They look so nice and make me smile every time I see them and definitely the bags, but I never can decide which one I like the most.

Q: Which of our products are your best sellers?
A: The smaller bags and pouches have been our best sellers so far and customers love your playful style, the handwriting and the soft colours with the Scandinavian touch.

Q: What do you love most about South African design?
A: I love the fine feel for colours, materials and the mix of urban style, natural and sustainable sourced materials and playful elements and patterns. South African design is so contemporary with lots of global charme, while not missing it’s African roots.


Want to find them?

Location: Berlin, Graefestraße 80, 10967 Berlin.
Website/Online store:
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