Simi Cape Town | Our ‘Crazy Bread Lady’

Last year Turkey saw two of our Zana girls, each falling in love with different facets of the beautiful country. I (Nikki) got a little obsessed with their food, in particular the simit – the sesame-encrusted bread ring sold on every street corner of Istanbul.



I love bread. Like ALOT. And after my first (and second, and third) taste of the simit I knew I wanted to share it beyond the borders of Istanbul. Sitting in a tiny cafe around the corner from the Galata Tower – I decided on a date I’d sell my first simit back in Cape Town (even the rise of a more carb-conscious way of eating couldn’t stop me from trying). There is something so magical about the soft and chewy centered roll with the sweet, crispy crust that captivates even the most hesitant bread-eater. Besides, so many Capetonians are travelling to Istanbul lately, what’s better than coming home from holiday and being able to be transported back to special memories with a mere bite of a bread-roll?!


So, after 3 months of selling simit, plain or as various sandwich options, every Saturday at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market I can safely say that pretty much everyone that eats it LOVES it. If you haven’t yet had the real deal or ours (which is dayum close) I suggest you come pop past our cute little stand and give it a go, or follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to 😉

If you’re looking at traveling to Turkey, Robyn did an awesome blog post with some useful info and places to see in Istanbul and surrounds. Capetonians – don’t forget to come and tap into your post-holiday nostalgia and try a simit when you’re back home!


Nikki xx